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At the end of the day, we think that our families, residents, and partners in care are the best resources for information.

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I’m extremely happy living here at Lakeview Assisted Living. The kind and friendly environment, along with the many activities, continue to keep me feeling loved and content. I have made many new friends. The staff has always treated me with kindness and friendliness.



"The staff has always treated me with kindness and friendliness."

It was hard living alone after losing my was a big adjustment but I’ve found many reasons to be glad I’m at Lakeview.



My father moved into Lakeview after surgery for bladder cancer left him with a catheter...he is also legally blind and has limited hearing. The staff at Lakeview deal with all his ailments in a genuinely caring manner. I would not hesitate to recommend this community to anyone who is looking for a place to care for their loved ones.

Stephen Winquist *

Son of Resident

Our family highly recommends Lakeview! The most important reason is the caring staff they employ in all departments. They have provided personalized care and have become her extended family. They are so attentive to her! Our mom initially didn’t want to move from her own home of 44 years but now she says it is one of the best decisions she ever made.

Cindy Norgan *

Daughter of Resident

"My patients' needs are met and they are being cared for as if they were family."

I care for residents as an external caregiver at Lakeview...I have had the opportunity to observe the care they provide and have seen nothing but care and compassion delivered consistently. I rely on the staff to be my eyes and ears when I’m not there and they are very knowledgeable and are amazing communicators. I have a very high level of respect and appreciation for the caregivers at patients’ needs are met and they are being cared for as if they were family.


RN, third-party hospice provider

"We all feel a part of a very special family who goes over and beyond to bring joy to each resident."

When living on their own became an unrealistic option for my mom and stepdad, we knew as family we were on a hard bumpy road in life, but Lakeview and their amazing staff made it so much easier --- being with us every step of the way. In checking out assisted living facilities, I felt the dread and pit in my stomach driving to Lakeview and having to walk through the doors, but the moment we stepped inside, we were met by the most welcoming feeling with genuine smiles and caring hearts. Two years later, we all feel a part of a very special family who goes over and beyond to bring joy to each resident. They have shown all of us so much love and are there to help in whatever ways they can. We were and are blessed to have been given Lakeview’s name in our time of need.

Dawn *

Daughter of Resident

These families are happy to speak with you and answer questions you may have. Please call 269-870-5537 to get their contact information.

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Covid TOOK...

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