NWV Leadership Blog


All things roll downhill.

We’ve all heard, and have probably said, the old adage “‘stuff’ rolls downhill.” I’ve found this to be very true, in my personal and professional life, which is probably why the saying has been around so long. It normally references something bad, but what some people don’t realize is this:

Good things roll downhill too. And this is why it is so vital to have strong leadership, both in your home AND AT WORK. 

Here’s the thing...if my husband or I are having a bad morning, my kids have a bad morning. They mimic our behavior and they repeat things we say, much to our dismay. We are the leaders in our home. We create the culture (in this family love and respect are important and we take care of each other), set the tone, and dole out rewards and punishments (doing your chores earns you an allowance, talking back earns you a timeout). For the most part, our tiny “employees” know the drill, at a really young age. We aren’t perfect parents or leaders, because those don’t exist, but we do our best because we want the best for our family.

The exact same principle applies to any workplace, no matter how big or small. Leadership will make or break a business. Lack of or poor leadership will result in a culture of indifference. It sets employees up for failure. Conversely, good, solid leadership has a multitude of benefits such as accountable and loyal employees, great customer service, and positive teamwork. 

Teamwork is key here because it takes a team and it really is work. Everyday. 

Business owners will tell you that there are good teams and then there are GREAT teams. Every now and then all of the right people click into the roles they were made for and everything runs like a well-oiled machine. It’s really an impressive thing to be a part of. People back each other up, step up, and help wherever needed and feel rewarded doing it. Some may love what they do, but how many love the people they’re doing it with?

I do. To the tips of my fingers and toes.

It started with Scott and Nikki (Ganton) who ingrained a culture of positivity, caring, and accountability before the first resident even moved into Lakeview. They laid a strong foundation and they truly care about the residents that live here and the staff that works here. They are as accountable to the staff as the staff are to them. It isn’t enough to hope for the best, you have to put in the work and have a presence. That culture flows down to the management team. 

Now as for the managers...I promise I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but we’re invested in the happiness and success of the residents, families, and staff. We want Lakeview to be an enriching environment for every person in the building. This is partly because it’s what people deserve, but also because life is just better that way. Those expectations, enthusiasm, and commitment flows down to the floor staff.

We have one heck of a team when it comes to our floor staff. Our front line employees are what makes Lakeview special. They meet needs, fulfill promises, provide comfort and so so SO much more. Lakeview doesn’t work without them - they are the glue that holds it together. We depend on them and so do our residents and families. They are the critical component and the culture that has been instilled in them manifests into great customer service. And we are grateful. 

This workplace really does exist. Maybe you’ve been in, or are currently in, a situation that makes it seem impossible, but I assure you it’s out there. We’re not the only organization like this, we just happen to be blessed.

At the end of the day when I pick up my kids, my son will ask, “how was your day Mom?”, and I get to tell him “I had a really great day” - and I’ll mean it. Even if it was a long day, maybe a trying day, it will still have been a great day. Because I went through it with a great team.